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1st Bank Sidney and Broadus Montana

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Bill Pay    

Business LIMITED
For small Businesses
  • No Minimum Balance

  • 30 free items deposited monthly, $.30 each thereafter
  • 30 free debits per month, $.30 each thereafter
  • Truncated Account -- no check images.
Business Checking I
For qualified businesses, farming and ranching operations
  • $500.00 minimum deposit to open

  • 50 free items deposited monthly, $.20 per deposited item thereafter

  • 75 free debits monthly, $.20 per debit item thereafter

  • $7.00 monthly service charge and $.20 per debit and all items deposited if below the minimum balance

Business Checking II

Fees Based on Account Analysis

  • No minimum balance

  • Deposited checks fees: On 1st Bank $0.06/check; All other checks $0.08/check

  • $5.00 charge for returned item processed against the account

  • Deposited checks fees-on 1st Bank $0.06/check-Local clearing bank $0.08/check

  • Interest charge of 1% over New York Prime Rate on negative collected balance

  • 3% reserve requirement deducted from ledger balance

  • Credit computed monthly, made available to offset service charge

Business interest checking
for sole proprietorships and non-profit corporations
  • Interest credited monthly

  • Fees based on Account Analysis (See Business Checking II for fees)


Business savings
for all businesses
  •  $500.00 minimum balance

  • If below minimum balance:  $5.00 monthly service charge

  • 3 free debits monthly, $2.00 per debit thereafter


Business insured market fund
money market
  •  $1000.00 minimum balance or $5,000.00 average collected balance

  • $10.00 monthly service charge and $.25 per debit if below the minimum or average collected balance

  • Limit of 6 debits per statement cycle.


Business 1st fund
money market
  • $25,000.00 minimum deposit

  • 3 free debits per statement cycle, $2.00 per debit (of any kind) thereafter

  • $10 monthly service charge for balances below minimum balance

  • Limit of 6 debits per statement cycle


Organizational checking
for non-profit organizations
  • No minimum balance

  • No monthly fee


organizational savings
for non-profit organizations
  • $50.00 minimum balance

  • $5.00 monthly service charge if below minimum balance

  • 3 free debits monthly, $.50 cents per debit thereafter

  • Per item fees waived if an average collected balance of $500.00 is maintained